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_1421131 Samantha Krell serves chili_1421133 Kylie Oneal serves chili_1421137 crowd_1421158 David Wolchansky and Billie Kay Rumple w Mackenzie Rumpel_1421159 hainesville tries alba fire chili_1421161 city national bank robbers_1421163 Guylynn Alexander gestures_1230845 hug_1230850 Brittni Whiddon and Heather Turner try chili sample_1230851 Sherry Martin and Guylynn Alexander do the twist_1230862 Braddox Bell serves chili_1421167 grin_1421170 dancing_1421179 Susan Rodgers shows off banana pudding_1230897 Joanne Wisdom bids on dessert_1230908 rings found_1230919 Paige Eaton addresses crowd_1421205 happy kiwanians_1421215 second place_1230941 Steven and Sam Krell won judges choice
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