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_1184625 Brady Shrum breaks tackles_1342026 Dawson Pendergrass sheds raider to td_1342049 Braydon Alley catches 2pt_1342067 Chris Rossie after qb_1342087 Paul Stanley celebrates Chris Rossie sack_1342120 Braydon Alley catches td_1342132 Braydon Alley celebrates td_1342162 Keke Martin spun_1342184 Paul Stanley receives kickoff_1184666 Dawson Pendergrass edge yards_1342231 Adam Blalock and Mario Bautista and JaMarcus Kennedy stop raider_1342236 DJ Newsome escorts Dawson Pendergrass into raiders_1342243 winnsboro intercepts_1342244 Braydon Alley turns defense_1342254 Adam Blalock tackles thru block_1342272 Dawson Pendergrass upfield_1342309 Noah Turner stops return_1342316 Chris Rossie pressures_1342326 Keke Martin and Adam Blalock tackle_1342332 mini cheer
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