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_1125114 Ava Burroughs par3-tees_1125132 Sunni Ruffin swings_1125146 Savannah Lopez tees-off_1125166 TJ Moreland par3-tees_1125168 Valerie Moreland chips_1125173 TJ Moreland pitches_1125189 Alexis Oneal flops_1125194 Alexis Oneal follows-thru_1125208 Alexis Oneal watches Bransyn Anderson putt_1125210 Sarah Smith approaches_1125222 Ava Burroughs follows-thru_1125231 Alexis Oneal swings_1125244 Bransyn Anderson tees off_1125247 Alexis Oneal tees off_1125270 Sarah Smith lines-up putt_1125293 Lawson Ballard tees off_1125308 Ava Johnson follows-thru_1125311 Sunni Ruffin drives_1125320 Ava Burroughs and Ava Johnson line-up putts_1125357 quitman principal Justin Cowart tends flag
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