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_1161317 condiments_1161338 Jackie Rodieck waits a moment_1161329-33hdr hay bale_1161367 Hunter Ballard 4 auction_1161374 Sammy Young holds mic for Jackie Rodieck_1161384 Kelly Conley points_1161392 patriotic shirts_1161406 Kelly Conley points_1161400 Huff chuckles_1161422 Sammy Young delivers Holmes door prize_1161429 cowboy hat_1161431 consultation_1161436 dance bids_1161445 youngs_1161435 card_1161453 Kelly Conley points_1161446 Sydney van Cleave and Jackie Rodieck_1161448 explaining pig_1161465 Sammy Young two_1161459 viewing tallies
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