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_1112946 bulldogs pregame_1112973 Ford Tannebaum shoots three_1112987 Levi Thompson and Ford Tannebaum airborne defense_1113010 Jack Tannebaum shoots three_1113022 Addison Marcee cheers_1113070 Brady Floyd shoots three_1113078 Thomas Sabedra and Ford Tannebaum press_1113085 Thomas Sabedra and Ford Tannebaum press_1113104 Hunter Jacobs baseline_1113128 Landon Richey blocks_1113134 Hunter Jacobs lays-in_1113146 Levi Thompson scores_1081036 Brady Floyd drives_1081092 Ford Tannebaum drives_1081112 Hunter Jacobs defends_1081143 Jack Tannebaum and student section revel in victory_1081151 bidistrict champs_1081154 Jack Tannebaum and Brady Floyd celebrate bidistrict win_1081160 Jack Tannebaum shows trophy to crowd_1081166 bulldog faithful
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