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_1160821-25hdr burn pile_1271808 burn pile_1271811 some football seniors_1271820 firestarters_1271841 Eli Nivison and Cacie Lennon salute fire_1271843 burning bonfire_1271844-48hdr inferno_1160846 fire it up_1271850 warming up_1271854 queen nominees_1271856 queen nominees_1271866 king nominees_1160861 Kevin Inman reacts to kingdom_1160866 coach Drew Webster and Badwyn Burge crown Kevin Inman homecoming king_1271876 alma mater_1271881 alma mater_1271894 sunset jumping jacks_1160875 drumming footballers_1271896 qb cadence_1271899-903hdr embers in the sky
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