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_1081690 Stephen Ogueri w mom senior night_1081730 Brady Floys shoots over Conner Gibson_1081748 Levi Thompson shoots over Stephen Ogueri_1081784 Dawson Pendergrass steals from Levi Thompson_1081788 Dawson Pendergrass lays-in_1081808 TJ Moreland guards Brady Floyd_1081817 Keke Martin hits three_1081831 Braydon Alley guards Brady Floyd_1081837 Ford Tannebaum shoots past TJ Moreland and Hunter Vandover_1081864 jackets celebrate buzzer-beater at half by Dawson Pendergrass_1081873 jackets celebrate buzzer-beater at half by Dawson Pendergrass_1081882 Ava Johnson w parents_1081883 Kapri Riley and parents_1081894 Rileys applaud Kapri_1081896 ladyjackets w mgr Freeman_1081899 Xzavien Lipscomb contests shot of Brady Floyd_1081908 Levi Thompson attempts to split Dawson Pendergrass and Stephen Ogueri_1081944 Brady Floyd draws foul_1081978 Ford Tannebaum and Hunter Jacobs chase Xzavien Lipscomb_1081981 Xzavien Lipscomb scores
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