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_1163529 low brass_1150948 colorgaurd in sync_1165061 tamborinist_1165141 norwegian blue_1163415 play to rafters_1163434 Jonath Esquivel w trumpets n drums_1163454 disco drumline_1163495 Valerie Garcia flair_1165065 Ali Gonzalez w rifle_1165069 pit percussion points_1165087 flag twirl_1165089 eyeshadow_1165104 studio 54 flag_1056683 disco flags_1056698 Emily Phonsnasihn conducts Sound of the Swarm_1056698 Emily Phonsnasihn stops to think_1056703 pointers_1150340 slow jam_1150347 touchup_1150364 suns out tounges out