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_1151180 Sneed and Ragle celebrate fumble recovery_1057055 Jackson Anderson 56 and Trevion Sneed 23 dont smile_1163009 Trevion Sneed 23 scores first TD_1163192 Trevion Sneed 23 hurdles_1163707 Trevion Sneed 23 smiles after scrum_1164020 Trevion Sneed celebrates_1056806 trevion celebrates_1161844 trevion sneed 23 sheds tackler_1162302 trevion sneed 23 stiffarm_1150570 nowhere to go_1150665 Trevion Sneed 23 eyes wannabe tackler_1151183 Nate Griffin 52 blocks for Trevion Sneed 23_1151204 Trevion Sneed jukes tiger_1151280 Trevion Sneed 23 scored td behind blocker Kaleb Barton 55_1151439 Pendergrass and Sneed celebrate pendint_1151445 Pendergrass and Sneed celebrate pendint_1161469 Trevion Sneed 23 runaway TD_1161498 Trevion Sneed 23 stops ballcarrier_1138781 Trevion Sneed 23 and Kobe Kenrick 24 invade backfield_1138994 O-line clears path for Trevion Sneed 23